Opinion: Borderlands 2 and the Girlfriend Mode Farce

IGN - Have you ever wondered why publishers don’t let their developers talk openly more often? Here's why.

It was nearly a month ago that I talked to you about the perils of political correctness in games. And while the response was overwhelmingly positive, there were some who insisted that there was no PC invasiveness in our industry. Some suggested that things were just fine, that the status quo of second-guessing everything and everyone for anything at all was actually positive. Others, rightfully so, said to espouse your opinions, but understand that there should be no expectation that those opinions are taken into account, or even valid to artists and consumers alike

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VTKC2165d ago

"People wanting to be offended are simply looking for anything to jump on, consequences for anyone and anything be damned."

thats just so true. Great article.

dumahim2165d ago

Good article. This deserves far more attention than all the other idiotic articles claiming there's some big firestorm over this.

hazelamy2164d ago

you can't say gearbox haven't brought this on themselves though.

the capture the babe mode of DNF where you ran around "capturing" women, and if they struggle you give them a slap.

and the Alien game with no playable female characters.
not one single playable marine that is a woman, despite the wealth of strong female characters in the series, and the woman who's been the lead in each film.
Ridley Scott respected that part of the series with Prometheus, shame gearbox couldn't.

compared to those, the girlfriend mode comment is a blip at worst.
but maybe it's an indication of the kind of attitudes that are at work within gearbox.