Female Gamers – We’re Not Your Princess Peach

Female gamers are here to stay. In a largely male dominated industry, does being a girl REALLY have anything to do with how we game? If you think the answer is, "No." read on. If you think the answer is, "Absolutely, girls can't game!" you probably need your head checked.

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Brek_Erickson2230d ago

Back in my WoW days girls would voluntarily spam /1 /2 /4 "Hey! I'm a lonesome little girl i needz teh help". The result? 40,000 gold and 20 levels worth of power runs.

It's a marketable trait that many females (and in some sick cases, males) would capitalize on...

Just sayin'

R_aVe_N2230d ago

I think 90% of those were men lol my little brother has did that in a few MMO games for free stuff

O_O2230d ago

The nagging continues....

h311rais3r2230d ago

I'm getting so sick of these articles!

Whine how about your gettin hit on online blah blah moan yadda yadda.

There's this wonderful thing call "block communications"

Girls get hit on

Guys get called faggot etc for winning

I don't see the issue.

Besides many online games are a gathering of nerds who don't get any. What do you expect when a girl speaks to a mouth breathing neck beard online rather than in person? Those are the people hitting on you ladies.

hazelamy2230d ago

yes, ignoring the problem always works out ever so well doesn't it.

and you think the rampant homophobia in the gaming community is acceptable as well?

when has ignoring the problem, ever made things better.

if there's a problem, the first step to fixing it is to acknowledge it exists.

thank god the internet wasn't around in the 50s and 60s or people like you might have shouted down the civil rights movement, or at the turn of the last century you might have derailed the suffragettes.

seriously, it makes me sad for humanity when i see people arguing against trying to combat bigotry and prejudice.

Futurama was right, this will be known as the stupid ages.

PersonaCat2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Black gamers: We're not your CJ

Seriously, I don't care that you're a female. I have a female member in my league on DC universe and the only time I asked her gender was when I first met her because she sounded like a small child. All I care about is that you play the game well.

DraconicPanda2230d ago

love how she talks about women being objectified and she uses that picture for the article.

R_aVe_N2230d ago

Yeah I noticed that as well

Kaylith2230d ago

Honestly I uploaded that in error, it was supposed to go to another article of mine. My choice image was GOING to be the classic 8 bit mario 'Your princess is in another castle' shot.

Shouldn't be allowed online early in the morning. Ah well.

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The story is too old to be commented.