Something They’re Proud Of: The Women in the New XCOM Look Like Real Women

Kotaku - Last week, during a visit to Firaxis to have a look at XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I had some time to talk with the game's art director, Greg Foertsch.

Foertsch discussed the challenges of creating both recognizably human art and architecture, as well as alien shapes, and the process of blending the two together as the game progresses. One major challenge for the art team, explained, was making people who looked like, well, people. Though the game generates soldier appearances to begin with, players can then customize the names, racial appearances, and styles of their quads however they wish.

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Neckbear2230d ago

But the question is: are there little girls?

MilkMan2230d ago

Cant read anymore about this.
I already pre-ordered it. So no need to worry about it.

Sirgougealot2230d ago

I was hoping the women wouldn't just be eye candy like in the mass effect series. It's good to see they're sticking with realism.