The Better Name for ‘Girlfriend Mode’ Is Probably ‘Co-Star Mode’

Kotaku - One of this morning's Internet dramas involved Randy Pitchford, head of Borderlands development studio Gearbox Software, complaining about the website MCV's condemnation of a reference to a "girlfriend mode" for Borderlands 2. The "girlfriend mode" is not an official mode in the game, nor does it appear to be an official name, but it was used by the game's lead developer in an interview with Eurogamer to refer to a new option to allow inferior gamers to play co-op with more skilled players.

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HebrewHammer2137d ago

Poor guy works on what could possibly be 2012's Game of the Year, only to catch all this flak over a miniscule comment - an accurate comment, at that. I told my girlfriend about the whole thing, and she found it "cute." Moreover, she thought it was great that they were thinking of casual gamers like her when making it. If anything, this concept made her a Borderlands fan. Now we're planning on playing co-op together. Ironic, init?

MysticStrummer2137d ago

The name of this gaming generation should be The Whiner Generation. It really had been pathetic. I'm not ready for next gen yet, but if having new consoles means people will grow up a little I'm all for it.

LackTrue4K2137d ago

i cant believe there was an article about not getting the game, just cuz of that "girlfriend mode"......

konnerbllb2136d ago Show
Asuka2136d ago


its called "Best friends forever"......Jeez

biRdy2136d ago

I wonder if people would still bitch if the highest difficulty were to be referenced as "boyfriend mode"

konnerbllb2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

lol. I think that would be amusing and it wouldn't keep me from playing it if it were in fact the most difficult game mode.

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