Kingdom Hearts Timeline Part 16 - Sora's New Quest "Mickey arrives in Twilight Town still wearing the cloak of the Organization as Sora wakes to the calls of Donald and Goofy. Sora yawns as if his year-long sleep was merely a nap before leaping into the arms of his friends. Jiminy is also there and tells them that it must’ve been some nap since they all feel so drowsy. Goofy wonders how long they were asleep and Sora recalls them defeating Ansem, restoring all the lost worlds, finding Kairi, and then going to look for Riku. But after that, he can’t remember anything. They take a look at Jiminy’s journal, but there’s only a single sentence, “Thank Naminé.” They wonder who that could possibly be. It’s just as Naminé said. They don't remember anything about her, the Organization, or Castle Oblivion."

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