Injustice: Gods Among Us Will Explain Why Superman Can’t Kill Everybody

Siliconera: Warner Bros. revealed Catwoman is playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us and while this kitty has claws, can she really stand up to the all-powerful Superman? I asked Ed Boon about the story and how it will compare to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

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showtimefolks2196d ago

I hope we get a really good superman game, rocksteady have set a very high standard with their batman series and i do hope they do a superman game.

superman game has so much potential if done right and done for a mature audience like batman

Zha1tan2196d ago

Ive never really liked superman as a character at all, hes just to powerful and well his only weakness is a green rock so his enemies literally have no hope of defeating him unless they possess the kryptonite.

Means he never really has a struggle or never has any villan ever defeating him which just makes him boring compared to the likes of batman who is a far deeper more interesting character.

Dannycr2196d ago

He's weak against magic, so fighting Black Adam or Captain Marvel is actually tough for him + Doomsday already killed him once.

If you think this Superman is powerful, look for Superman Prime's (not Superboy Prime) bio. THAT is overpowered.

Zha1tan2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Doomsday didnt kill him did he? thought he just became a recluse with a beard after that :/

Yeah thats what I mean, he juggles planets.....I mean come on.


Yes they are but atleast they have a decent story behind them and they can be killed by a better opponent and there is alot more powerful marvel characters than the ones you listed.

Snakefist302196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

He's too overpowered this stem from ignorance from people who have probably either read really old Superman stories, or none at all and can be easily dis proven by simply READING A modern Superman story. I hear it all the time how "Oh he's too powerful" I know, god forbid a character named SUPERman to be super, and if you read his stories you will see the dangers he faces, the enemies he encounters often times are just as, or more power than he is, yet he puts his life on the line, like all superheroes to defeat them anyway.As a side note, for the him being overpowered argument, I find it a bit odd that people always pair him up against Marvel's Thor and it's quite a heated debate over who would win, yet I never hear a "Thor is too powerful" complaint.

Zha1tan2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Thats because thor can be beaten by a better opponent i.e the hulk or anyone else who is at or nea his strength level and he has been beaten to the brink of death many times before and died about 4 different times.

He actually has struggles with his enemies, he isnt simply feigning weakness just because he doesnt want "to go all out" and hurt people around him.

Superman is a very dense superhero and was basically created as a personification of Americas ego.

TBM2195d ago

Actually darkseid gets the better of superman 98% of the times they fight. anybody who is magic based, or basically gods can beat superman. we've seen it plenty of times.