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"Without a western release in sight, we make the case for one of the best games in the series."

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Umbrella Corp2163d ago

square enix is so incompetant this gen....give this a ps vita upgrade.take my money god dammit

chrisarsenalsavart2163d ago

all they have to do is translate the game, improve the graphics, put it on the ps store and voila.
that game could help moving vita in europe and NA.
square enix really got to realize when they have a great game and make the best out of it.

srcBFMVBMTH2163d ago

Agreed, I'd also like to see Crisis Core, and Birth By Sleep on the Vita :/ I seriously don't understand what's so hard about releasing a game on the PSN and making it compatible with the Vita. Same with Sega and Valkyria Chronicles 3. -_____- I NEED THAT DAMN GAME!!!!!!!!

Treian2163d ago

sigh. just like the japan FF II, III, and V...hopefully we will get this eventually.

iamtehpwn2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

If they don't give this a proper Vita upgrade or even at the very least 3DS port that some people were speculating about---I would at least hope that the hacking community would create an English version. One person patched the menus, but didn't do the rest of the game.

Lucretia2163d ago

i dont care about any upgrade or english dub, just translate the text and LET ME PLAY IT!!!!!!!!

belac092163d ago

square enix, i cant even imagine what the hell theyre thinking, i was so optimistic that we would get this game, but i was wrong, shouldnt have expected a real decision out of Wada.

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