Daily Reaction: Is Call of Duty’s Future Black?

It’s no surprise that Call of Duty has been taking the world by storm every year, as even some of the biggest franchises make room for its yearly winter release. Having broken day one sales for the last few years, it has just shown that the franchise has become more than a game release, it has become an anticipated event for millions around the world. Having endured the fallout and lawsuits from the original team that made up Infinity Ward, and even splintered into two franchises, it’s hard to imagine that much will slow down the momentum it’s already built. So, what will happen during this year’s Black Ops 2 release? Are we just going to see another set of record sales? Or will we finally see the first bit of waver in sales? We discuss Activision’s claim that COD‘s growth isn’t over.

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doctorstrange2078d ago

People never learn, they buy the same stuff again and again and again.

dbjj120882078d ago

and again...

Kinda like the fanboys here on N4G.

knowyourstuff2078d ago

The only thing in the black will be Activision's balance sheet from the gazillion dollars they bring in, only to go towards that asshole CEO Bobby Kotick's bonus. F him and his milking of every franchise into a downward spiral, which is exactly what his greedy ass did with Guitar Hero, and just wait till it happens with Call of Duty.

For years and years they sold Guitar Hero by the truckload, just like CoD, took their bonuses, and got greedy and over-saturated the market. Sound familiar? The same strategy they used for GH is being used for CoD, so unless they manage to make it fresh and new without destroying what made it so fun in the first place (CoD4 MW comes to mind) then CoD will go the way of GH, although not as fast as GH did. With GH there were big, clunky peripherals that took up tons of space, and the game's changes were so incremental and small, coming out every 8-12 months which is way too fast. CoD developers need to be smart about what direction they push CoD if it's going to survive with yearly releases.

ftwrthtx2078d ago

Video games are just like the movie industry. They produce what sells.

knifefight2078d ago

It's the subconscious, yo. It craves comfort. It's nuts. There's a great documentary called "Automatic Brain" that can tell you a lot about this. It's on YouTube:
Watch the whole thing. It's amazing, and that even only scratches the surface.

GuyThatPlaysGames2078d ago

CoD is beyond far from dead. The only people writing these articles are haters jumping on the anti-CoD train to look cool and be like everyone else. The game is #1 selling for a reason.

h311rais3r2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

It's #1 selling because it's simple and not complex so ANYONE can pick it up and play it. It's a casual game. End of story.

Justin bieber is rated #1 does that mean he's the best musician in the world?

Lvl_up_gamer2077d ago

"Justin bieber is rated #1 does that mean he's the best musician in the world?"

No but it does mean he is the the most popular right now in the world.

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alexcosborn2078d ago

It's all about making the mulah.

flyinrhyno2078d ago

Brand new direction, built from the ground up and people still gonna complain, its the same ish. Upgrade your complaints, thats the same ish, again, and again.....and again, sorta like the haters on N4G.

Unlimax2078d ago

Is the gaming industry future Black?