Dreamcast Worlds, a new book on the games of the Dreamcast, is being crowd-funded on indiegogo

Josh Newey writes...

Sega’s last console, whose original legacy was a cautionary tale of a great company paying for their past mistakes, has evolved into a retro darling–a reminder of Sega’s willingness to try new, brazenly unique ideas. But beyond that, what has kept the fire alive in that little orange swirl for all these years?

The games.

Zoya Street is well aware of this fact, placing an interesting focus on the library of this iconic console in her recent Master’s thesis on the design of Skies of Arcadia. Street is looking to expand this concept into a full-fledged book, with the intent of exploring the history of the Dreamcast, not from the standard business or real-world perspectives, but from within the games themselves. The book, Dreamcast Worlds: A Design History, would focus on the design of three specific game worlds, studying subjects like architecture and characters to explore the history of the console from the inside out.

Dreamcast Worlds is currently being crowd-funded on indiegogo. It has reached $1,165 as of this writing, with 18 days left to go. It’s unfortunate that such an amazing concept is being funded on a smaller site, as I’m convinced that more than a few of the gaming community would be very interested in reading this book.

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christheredhead2192d ago

Dreamcast is my favorite console of all time, by a huge margin. I still play the system pretty regularly.

Overall, I like the idea and concept of the book. I'll be putting down 50 for a hardcover copy.

BlackIceJoe2192d ago

This is neat I hope it gets the money it needs.

SlapHappyJesus2192d ago

Nice little idea, hope it gets funded.

All these cool projects that I just don't have the spare cash to back, though I wish I did.