Jade Raymond: Indie games seem to be the ones that can deal with ‘big issues’ like religion

Ubisoft Toronto boss Jade Raymond says that tackling certain topics like religion is “tricky.” She feels like only indie games can deal with sensitive things like that, but when it comes to “environmentalism,” there’s no problem.

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user54670072227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )


Ok then...make a game where God and Allah team up to purge the earth after a Zombie apocalypse created by the devil. Shotguns, explosions, girls, car chases, great one liners like "I'm too old for this sh*t", cool sunglasses that make you look like a douche but your so cool that you don't look like one.



...yeah didn't think so

TheFinalEpisode2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Lol! I would buy that

Christopher2227d ago

Gotta admit, I'd probably buy that as well if it had gameplay to match the 80s B Movie storyline.

doogiebear2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Some great games touched on religious issues like Xenogears, Breath of Fire 3, Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc.

A game story is more than capable of touching on the topics of religion, life, death, afterlife, supernatural, morality/moral conflict, etc (Showing the positive, and the overzealous negatives) that can come from it, without having to name any specific real-world religion.

user54670072227d ago

I'm not being uptight, I'm having a joke

Chill man...your the one being uptight

If I was being serious do you really think I would say something like that in my comment.


doogiebear2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

I dunno seemed uptight. Anyway, I love stories that touch on religious issues, because I believe in God, but men have done a great job of ruining sincere religion (Wanting a one on one relationship with God). Those who've ruined it tend to bog people down with laws they just made up themselves. And it's that kind of dramatic contrast that leads to some of the drama we see today. And it would also make for an interesting drama on paper because it can be used to hold up a mirror to the faces of those who are religious hypocretes & those who try to force their views on others (via force or politics).

@ mike: I meant no disrespect. Thought u were somehow trolling. I removed my "uptight" comment, as I know other people will end up missing my other points, and just focus on my (wrongful) accusation about your original comment. My bad, and Peace.

VanillaBear2227d ago

LOL, bubbles XD

Whats with the disagrees, don't tell me you wouldn't play on that game if it was made

Reminds me a bit of the Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This that was on family guy

***Chris Tucker: You CRAZY Jesus.......CRAZY

Jesus: Yeah thats what my ex wife said

Chris Tucker: For the son of god you sure are a son of a Bit-ARGHHHHHHHH <Crashes through lorry>***

mafiahajeri2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

You do know Allah means god, right? And that in Islam god has 99 names like for example the king and the generous. Ah who I'm I kidding you don't so just thought I would let you know...

And that we Muslims believe in the bible and tawra as Gods words? Unless you mean Jesus as god...

anyway isn't this t he chick that cried when people were making fun of her Way back when assasins creed was announced?

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detroitmademe2227d ago

thats funny,id buy that also

DragonKnight2227d ago

Apparently Ms. Raymond didn't play Final Fantasy Tactics or Final Fantasy X. Two games that question and challenge religion directly.

Non_sequitur2227d ago

FFX actually presents the ideas behind the Gnostic tradition which is kind of like a religion.

Heavenly King2227d ago

XENOGEARS comes to my mind.

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