GC: InVersion Review

GC: If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Epic Games should be blushing 20 shades of red…either that or talking with their copyright infringement attorneys. I’m not saying that Namco’s new game, Inversion, borrows on the visual look and gameplay style of Gears of War - I’m saying it’s an unmistakable rip-off, but hey…if you gotta be inspired, at least the team at Saber Interactive was inspired by the best. And once you get past the hulking body types of our two heroes and nearly EVERY enemy they meet, their unmistakable body armor, and even their weapons (hey – at least they substituted a giant blade bayonet for the chainsaw), you do come away with one refreshingly new concept…gravity manipulation; assuming we’ve all forgotten about Half-Life 2 and Prey.

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