GD: Slender Review

GD: Every now and then there comes a game that redefines it's genre. For horror games, that game is Slender. The game was made by a small indie developer Parsec Productions and it's gameplay focuses on the most primal feeling of human nature: fear. And it's the most frightening game I've ever played. And I've played A LOT of games.

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Puddlejumper752169d ago

Wow. Now this is proof that reviews are indeed broken. I played the game. There was NOTHING scary about it at all.

You walk around collecting 8 pages while something you cant see chases you.. No depth at all. The static you get when he gets close breaks any immersion because its so unrealistic you are instantly reminded you are playing a game.

Now you know what would be good?
Tie something like this in with augmented reality so that you actually have to be out in the woods in the dark. have it tie in with GPS also. Now that would be a scary game indeed. At least til people started running scared and killing themselves falling into rocks,trees etc.