5 Ways Nintendo Screwed Up the Wii U Before Launch

The road towards the Wii U's launch day has been a bumpy one for Nintendo. Here's 5 Ways Nintendo Screwed Up the Wii U Before Launch.

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mamotte2112d ago

These articles has become so generic... cant people who hate think on anything else to blame?

Euphio2112d ago

These comments are so generic...can't people who hate opinion pieces at least use better grammar? XD

mamotte2112d ago

sorry about my grammar. English isn't my first language, so I do that kind of mistakes a lot.

TruthbeTold2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

The bottom line with how and why Nintendo is all over the place with inadequacies surrounding the Wii U? They thought the Wii train was going to take them further into the future than it did. People who LOVE games and play lots of different types of games warned them. But they let it ride until suddenly the road got bumpy and then disappeared.

Instead of having their next console ready, and the plans regarding it prepared and geared toward a post Wii market, Nintendo is fumbling, and quiet, and in the eyes of many gamers, trying to pull another fast one where they attempt to charge a premium price for 'well established hardware'.

However, after a generation where most gamers bought 2 and 3 consoles, ALL next gen console makers have a heavy responsibility of convincing people that spending $300 or even $400 (any more than that at their own silly peril) is worthwhile.

All 3 companies are a little bit behind what's going on in the gaming world I think.

A lot of people have already gotten impatient and moved to PC gaming. That's not to say that they won't ever console game again because many of them will. However, gaming PC's are expensive, and they won't have the money for a new console right away. Not to mention that they will need compelling reasons to fork out the cash for a new one.

As for the casual market, I doubt we'll see (with 3 major console producers on the market) another 100 million console seller any time soon. People played Wii sports, and Wii Play, and Mario Party, etc, then finally decided to download a game or two on their phone since they are so cheap and got hooked. Why should they ever buy another console? Some will, but Nintendo, Sony and MS didn't give them compelling and often enough reasons to stick with more expensive games.

I really hate that it seems probable, but I think the console gaming market may cannibalize itself amongst the big 3 for a while until there's either some drastic compelling new innovation, or one of them drops out...

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omarzy2112d ago

5. Price and release date to be announced in September on Nintendo Direct. This announcement was made about a month ago.

4. AC3,Rayman Legends, ZombiU, Tekken, Madden, Fifia, Aliens, Scribblenauts, and NG3(remade according to fan suggestions after the screw up that is the current NG3. No complaints) Tank! Tank! Tank! is not for everyone, but it is 3rd party, and now some Wii owners get to play Batman which is a good thing. It seems you "forgot" to name the 3rd party games that are not ports. An honest mistake i'm sure.

3. Nintendo games are there. Pikmin 3, NSMBU, and Nintendo Land. It really shocked me when people actually expected a new Zelda due to Skyward Sword not being out for even one year... DK country returns released in 2010, why would a new AAA DK game be at E3?

4. Keeping the Wii name will kepp the original casual consumers of the Wii. The casuals are the money people anyway so keeping the Wii brand is wise. Hardcore gamers will play it if they like, not based of the name. Same with PLaystation. Take away what we know about PS and actually look at the name. Half the name is "play"

This is really not that bad if you have the right information. Ya they did not completely mind blow us, but it wasn't terrible considering they also had to work with the 3DS, and the 3DS had some great announcements. All in all with the Wii U and the 3DS, Nintendo had a decent E3. My rant in response to rantgaming.

TruthbeTold2112d ago

I don't think anyone expects a new Zelda to be ready yet. But for one, a lot of people couldn't enjoy that game as much due to the control scheme, and secondly a prioritization of getting another one out sooner (as in not another half decade) would be nice. It's on Nintendo to convince people that they should buy another expensive machine.

As for DK? I for one would much rather have another one than another Mario platformer RIGHT NOW. Mario is reaching a saturation point. All of the types of games that Nintendo focused on at E3 are really.

Metroid, Star Fox, some sort of hope that Smash bros isn't going to take until 2014? These are the types of things people want. Not mini game collections, and games they've already played or passed on for PS360.

Again, Nintendo is the one releasing a new machine right after a period that saw many people buy all 3 available consoles. If it's expensive, we want to know why. If the why makes it worth it, we may have to save. Make excuses for them all you want. But people have real issues with the way they are doing things.

Puddlejumper752112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Make excuses against them all you want, but some people have a genuine interest in the console.

It''ll be the only console that offers something different than what I can get with my PC

ZombiU,Tank tank tank, Project P, NSMB, Aliens, SCribblenaughts,lego city stories are all launch titles and all exclusive except for Aliens.

How many console actually launch with 6 exclusives? Not 360. Not PS3. So why does Nintendo need to do more than the other companies?

If PS4 doesnt launch with at least 10 hardcore exclusives and if it has any ports at all, I'm going to be hardcore trolling it. However people will not hold Sony to the same high standards they do Nintendo.

If P100 was a Sony game it would AAA must own game of the year and be THE reason to buy a PS4 but since its Nintendo it must be garbage

Perfect example of a double standard. In one gen alone Sony has made or has coming out 5 Uncharted games between 3 platforms in 5 years and its not an issue but Nintendo has 4 2d Mario games on 3 systems in 10 years and suddenly that is too much.

TruthbeTold2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

I have a genuine interest in the console also, so what's YOUR point? I'm not going to act like Nintendo's crap doesn't stink though. I have some concerns and some questions that I want answered, and I understand and respect that others do as well. If they can do no wrong in your eyes, or for whatever reason, you are content and satisfied with the tiny amount of information you have about the console then good for you. Doesn't make much sense to me though.

AO1JMM2112d ago

This crap is getting so tiring. Shouldn't you nintendo haters be playing some other systems games? Instead of trolling the internet with shat artiucles

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