BioWare talks Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U with News10

When the Wii U launches later this year, Nintendo gamers will be treated with something they've never experienced before: BioWare's Mass Effect 3.

The game will be among the Wii U's catalog of launch-time titles, but it won't be exactly like the game found on the other consoles and PC.

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Tuxmask552166d ago

Being that I already have this on the 360, I won't be buying this game. That said, it looks pretty good on the TV next yp the lady.

corrus2162d ago

Actually she looks very good

cleft52165d ago

I have this for 360 too, but ultimately what is so great about this is that the game is getting new publicity, that is positive because it is on the WiiU. This potentially means more sells for EA Bioware and that is important because it means Third Parties will be more likely to put titles on the WiiU if they can get this sort of boost by having their games on the console.

I own this game on 360 and I know it is on the PC and PS3 too, but that doesn't mean this game can't sell well on the WiiU. If Nintendo is able to capture that Wii audience that never owned a 360/PS3, make no mistake that audience is fairly large, than this will be their first "next gen" console and they can now play games like Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham City. I think to many people forget that their is this huge market out there that don't own a HD console and only use their PC for work/school work. If Nintendo can sell games, particularly Third Party games, to this audience than the console will be very successful.

InTheLab2165d ago

So the Wii U version is the best if you've never played ME1 or ME2. I tried playing the generic story the game creates for you and it's like Bioware intentionally produced the worst outcome like Kaiden being alive, Wrex dying, giving the collector base to the Elusive Man...etc. I don't like having to play ME2 over for the 8th time just to alter the story and have a slightly different experience. What the game doesn't tell is that it's impossible to do certain things in the game without the previous game's saves.

They should patch in the new ME2 comic to all platforms.

mewhy322165d ago

This thing will sell like hotcakes. It's a Nintendo consolse release for crying out loud. The console will outsell everything on the market and Mass Effect will be right there with it selling like crazy.