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Welcome to the first video in the Sleeping Dogs gameplay blowout. This is a good chunk of the game that many people have been waiting for. This game you want if you’ve been waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5. All 16 gameplay videos were captured in 720P HD for an amazing viewing experience.

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2044d ago
NeoTribe2044d ago

How does a spambot have 5 bubbles...

No Way2044d ago

I guess people like what it has to say more than what you have to say ...

GuyThatPlaysGames2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

This doesn't look impressive at all. All the hype this game generates and this is it?? Terrible animations with terrible transitions in between. That also had to be the WORST chase scene I've EVER SEEN. Running in a straight line jumping over the same height counters/trashcans/signs/debri s. Not to mention the horrible "voice acting from NPCs". And don't try to protect the game by saying "it's not finished yet they will fix all of that". No people, this is the finished product you are seeing. Do yourselves a favor and cancel your preorders.

h311rais3r2044d ago

I could say the same about any game.