PixlBit's The Last Story Preview

PixlBit | "In just a few months, Nintendo's Wii U will push aside the Wii from store shelves, its memory will begin to fade from our gaming consciousness, and that little blue light will shine no more. With one last epic RPG The Last Story coming out this week, it's not a bad way to die."

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Puddlejumper752168d ago

Sorry I cant be bothered with this. I'm waiting on Uncharted 15 and killzone 23.

Sh*t I cant pretend to not know new IP exists when I want to troll the Nintendo section..

Oh wait I can just pretend I never heard of it like the other 20 people there trolling so I can get my bubbles back up.

Blackpool2168d ago

I wish this was coming to the ps3...

wollie2168d ago

played it.

your not missing much. Its pretty lame and I love JRPGs.

Puddlejumper752168d ago

Everything I have read says the exact opposite. Even gameinformer who hates the Wii spoke highly of the game for breaking away from the usual JRPG BS
According to your own post history you didnt even play it for more than a couple hours.

Judging any RPG off of just a couple hours seems silly to me.

TheDivine2168d ago

Getting my copy 2mro asap. Cant wait to play this.

Kingdom Hearts DDD last week, Last Story this week, and New Super Mario Bros 2 next week. Might also give in to Darksiders 2 and the 3ds XL idk yet, we'll see.