The MMO is Not Just a Genre

GameFront: Ever since World of Warcraft, the term “MMO” has carried with it a certain set of expectations. In fact, when we talk about MMOs these days, World of Warcraft is indeed the first game we think of, and often the only game we think of. Many MMOs have released since Blizzard’s unparalleled success in the market, but few have stayed the distance and none have toppled the giant. The problem is, the world of MMOs post-Warcraft isn’t quite the same world it was before Warcraft, when the term “MMO” meant more than, “Plays just like World of Warcraft.” Nowadays, as developers have tried to beat the market leader by being the market leader, the industry has turned MMO into a very standard genre, as opposed to a delivery method. This, I feel, is the entire problem with the MMO market.

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