ShackNews: Master Chief's voice on a more personal story

ShackNews: After three games of stoic silence, Master Chief is finally getting ready to speak. Halo 4 has been pitched as a more personal story for the character; while he'll still be "a man of few words," the voice actor behind the iconic Microsoft mascot is excited to dive into a meatier role.

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urwifeminder2226d ago

Sweet this will be the first 2012 release i buy as well as forza.

PopRocks3592226d ago

I'm sure it'll be a fine game and all, and I love MC's voice and all, but I really wish they had not brought back Chief so soon. It sort of removes the point of Halo 3's conclusion to me. Here's hoping 343 makes it worthwhile.

AO1JMM2226d ago

Halo 3's Legendary ending says hi.

PopRocks3592226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

I wanted to see the Halo universe expand without the Chief. New characters and planets if you will. Then bring in the plot device from the Legendary Halo 3 ending that AO1JMM so dubiously brought up.

EDIT: So soon in the lore, not in the release of the games. The game that came out between this one and 3 was a prequel that did not involve the Chief. I want to see a Halo game that expands the universe without Cheif.

Yes, Reach tried that, but I got what I needed to know about Reach from the book Fall of Reach.

marcmjm2226d ago

5 years? That's half a decade. More like too long.

Xenomorph2226d ago

And it all turns to turd burgle