Top 5 PSN Games That Should Be Ported To PlayStation Vita

"While currently not playable on the handheld, there are hundreds of PSN-exclusive games that I think would find a great home in the PlayStation Vita. Games that have otherwise been overlooked on the PS3 might get a new lease on life on Sony’s sleek handheld. These PSN games would definitely bolster the Vita’s lineup." - JTM Games

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ATLRoAcH2167d ago

Fat Princess is a game I really want on the Vita.

Relientk772167d ago

Good choice too, such a hilariously fun game

PoSTedUP2167d ago

idky but i would pick flower over anything... i didnt play journey, it looks ok, flower looks brighter and more peaceful.

Bowzabub2167d ago

I've played both, and I suggest both. If you like Flower you will like Journey and vice versa.

PoSTedUP2167d ago

sweet. everyone is talking about journey. i loved flower.

jon12342167d ago

i wish we could get shadow of the colossus and limbo

grassyknoll2167d ago

I believe Sony announced that you can play Shadow of the Colossus through remote play over E3. Not sure if it's now or soon.

JellyJelly2167d ago

How about releasing new games for it instead of ports of games that a lot of people have already played? Experiences you can only get on the Vita? Just a crazy thought.

jtmgames2167d ago

That would be a great thought.

However, even Sony has said that they're having a lot of difficulties getting Vita third-party support right now. Utilizing their back-catalog of downloadable titles would be a smart move for the company to boost sales or at the very least keep people interested in the handheld before AC Liberation, COD:Black Ops 2, and other AAA games arrive.

SandWitch2167d ago

Just a correction: Vita version of COD is called Black Ops Declassified.

insomnium22167d ago

Even though you are trolling you are right. I will not disagree with you.

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The story is too old to be commented.