Worldwide Hardware Chart for Week Ending January 26th, 2008

VGChartz reports the worldwide chart for Week Ending January 26th, 2008, is as follows:


DSL: 429,727
Wii: 354,359
PSP: 186,922
PS3: 146,742
360: 128,878
PS2: 115,625

Break Down Region:

Hardware: Japan...America...Others....Total

(Please Note, Software numbers are not updated yet).

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gamesblow3799d ago

Once again Sony owns the "next-gen" sales charts.

Skaterboy Tell Em3799d ago

Yeah the ps3 has been out selling xbox 360 for a while now but they need to do it by more.Only outselling xbox by 20-30k will take an eternity for them to catch up,they need to start selling 80-100k+ units more than xbox a week in order to catch up.

ruibing3799d ago

They need to focus a lot more on the U.S. in order to catch up. I hope their new SKU or pack will be designed with this in mind.

PS360WII3799d ago

ha you mean current gen and actually Wii is on top, but thanks for pointing out who you like better ^^

fenderputty3799d ago

but even I must admitt that 12k isn't "owning" as you put it.

gamesblow3799d ago

No, I mean next gen... See, wii is last gen. It's competing with the 8 year old Ps2 for top spot. "ha" Ps3 and xbox 360 are next gen systems. Systems that have something under the hood... buahahah.

PS360WII3799d ago

Sure it processes better but you can't play most Wii games on the GC or PS2 so it's next gen. Though you will never listen to facts. Ah well. Glad all the systems are selling at least!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3799d ago

Give the guy a break Fender, he needs somthing to help him get through the day. Hell he is already desperate enough to support VGC, I could understand VGC if they were off by just a couple of thousand but they are off by hundreds of thousands each month.

gamesblow3799d ago

Resident Evil 4
Zelda Twilight Princess

and many others...Say differntly...

PS360WII3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

BW2, Ghost Squad, Marble Mania, MP3, No More Heroes, Rayman, Redsteel, RE: UC, Super Mario, Trauma Center, Zack and Wiki, and so to be more ^^

edit: at below ha you're funny. Don't forget to take control into account. You know the new way to play video games kind of like a next gen feature... hmm oh yea that's what next gen is kind of like bringing something new to the table.

and no not next gen mini games look at my list and you'll see only one on there is a mini game

rofldings3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Way to prove his case.

edit: what? nex-gen minigames?

PS360WII3799d ago

I don't even know why you guys take such offense at this. I like all the consoles and they are all in the current gen along with both the handhelds. Stop trying to be elitist with your cult like ways. Wii is just as cool as the PS3 and 360. I know this is the open zone for people who can't understand that concept but some of you are scary dense

SKullDugger3799d ago

SONY does not own the charts but they are ahead of the 360 and will continue to improve sales while the 360's sales will continue to fall. Thank God I got shut of my 360 worst built console in gaming History!!!!

CrazzyMan3799d ago

use HD, instead nextgen. And there won`t be any unnecessary debates about wii being or not being nextgen.

on topic, PS3 FTW! =)

PS360WII3799d ago

Too true on that CrazzyMan and good call


its ps3 vs ps2
and xbot vs by themselve

this is a serious question ....WHAT PRECENTAGE OF THE PS2 FOLKS WILL GET A XBOT ?

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Cyrus3653799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

For the 4 weeks VGChartz have reported in Jan, PS3 has outsold 360 worldwide by roughly 145K (IF you believe VGChartz numbers). But that's just hardware, software it's still not selling anywhere close to 360 # (Worldwide).

mikeslemonade3799d ago

The reason why software isn't selling because the PS3 owners are a very diverse crowd. Heavenly Sword which wouldn't have sold well on another system sold well on PS3. Notice that in Heavenly Sword you don't shoot a gun. Some people that own PS3s just don't like shooters. Look for the games that involve very few gunplay to sell well on PS3.

The American sales for this month are really dry. The Japanese sales gap between PS3 and 360 almost alone makes up for the American sales gap. As of now it's not really looking to good for either system. The only time either system sells well is when there's a good game that is released but when there are no games the sales just drop.

FirstknighT3799d ago

What about Resistance??? The ps3's most successful game.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3799d ago


You really shouldn't be here, you are very biased and everyone knows that and speaking of resistance considering the ps3 install base and how buying it separately from the console at launch ($699 for ps3 plus $69.99 for resistance) its fairly obvious it wouldn't have sold well. then so it still didn't do that bad.

mikeslemonade3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Resistance is a launch game and it was the only good game until Motorstorm came out so it had 4 months for being the only PS3 game worth getting. And it isn't the most successful PS3 game because Motorstorm was a pack in for the 80GB. And if Resistance was on 360 it would have sold more because there really wasn't a good FPS shooter on 360 after its first year either.

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power of Green 3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

This petty lead PS3 has been having is MSFT's fault for not talking or boasting about their future offerings *the keep your mouth shut policy* isn't going to work this year and never again this generation. No one has heard anything about the 360's future this year.

I know they think what they have to show will make up for the sale's they're losing but the PS3 is winning the hearts and minds by default due to keeping gamers in the dark about the 360.

Hyping/Boasting & delivering is the only way any company will win the war for now on.

Cyrus3653799d ago

True, but it seems MSoft will have lots of news at GDC this year, where it seemed last year Sony had alot news at GDC (Home, LittleBigplanet).

Sony had a Press conf. at GDC last year, don't think they have one this year.

fenderputty3799d ago

However, other then the huge classic titles, a lot is shrowded in mystery for the PS3 as well. KZ2, Wardevil, heavy Rain, LA Noir and some otheres come to mind. Both companies have been doing rather well at keepings things udner raps. I think the PS3 has hit a point where they have games, and the price is at a fair level. More and more of the PS2 fanbase is going to come over. I don't know if there is going to be a clear winner this gen unless, the Wii continues it's pace.

3799d ago
fenderputty3799d ago

I understand POG's image but, he's not flaming ... please don't start the flames. It's for the other forum.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3799d ago

MGS and FF are big franchises and MS knows they will sell a few PS3s but the counter is, why buy a PS3 just for MGS4 and FF 1,000,000 when we have 3 RPG's (FABLE2) and 3 stealth action (Splinter cell) to choose from, and... while your at it play our huge library of games. Sony does have those two heavy hitters but thats about it the rest are unproven franchises. MS has NG2, Fable 2, Splinter Cell, Halo Wars and Gears 2 (we know it's comming) then they have some new IPs (with lots of buzz) like Alan Wake, Frontlines and Too human, and lets not forget what MS has up their sleeve as they have said themselves. Lots of PS3 fans assume MS and Nintendo will just roll over and have nothing to combat the PS3 lineup but we all know what you get when you "assume".

Bathyj3799d ago

Why cant you just give credit where its due?

"winning the hearts and minds by default"?

What crap. Default, isn't that what Xbox was winning by, competing a whole year by themselves, only to be overtaken in most of the world within the next year or less?

People are coming over to PS3 because they can see the best years lineup in history. They like the machine and now its affordable. I dont need to trash the Xbox to make the PS3 sound appealing. Most people already want it. Probably even you.

LastDance3798d ago

i dunno... i watched the CES in vegas awaiting this big xbox suprise.........Microsoft dont have any history to produce somthing huge.

I am curious to see what they do

SIX3798d ago

You have a great point, but I see lots of disagrees and I don't think they are unwarrented. You seem to discredit and anything positive about the PS3. That was alot easier to do a year ago but in my eyes the 360 isn't even close (Now) to the value of the PS3. If there seems to be alot of news about the PS3 it's because the system is stacked with options. News about gaming/Movies/DL content, and almost everything is relavant to Sony's system. We are on a gaming site but gamers also have a huge interest in most things multy media. You shouldn't be so quick to discredit what Sony is doing. It's ironic that MS's argument is about choice to the people. Ironic that I find I have more chioce to do what I want to on Sony's console.

Oh yeah, it's a kick ass gaming console as well :)

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Kain813799d ago

to come with PS2 game downloads from PSN.
Its only thought.
But can happen.

PS360WII3799d ago

True. Why have BC when you can just charge for the game again?

Iamback3799d ago

So that you can put 5 or 6 games on your 40gb? Lets not forget most of good PS2 games are 5 or 6 gb like FF and GOW so i really dont this that is the case.
They want people to keep on PS2 while it is still alive or otherwise there would be 10s of millions used one at retailers and thats where Sont loses by people not buying new PS2 but instead used ones.
Sony is most likely making close to 100 bucks on every PS2 sold, so why jeopardize this`?
Once PS2 is officially dead, they will release firmware update that is going to fix this BC issue

Mr_Showtime13799d ago

but warhawk is a pretty big game and is only 800mb, plus sony cant bring out the d/l ps2 games till they kill off the ps2 itself, which is proving difficult cause of its continuous high sales(relatively)

Brixxer6003799d ago

I don't think they'd be too worried if these figures are reasonably accurate, roughly 18000 units isn't much when you consider that the 360 has been out for a longer period, PS3 is starting to gain momentum because it's now getting more interesting, games like Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank are showing what the machine is capable of but the 360 has a better selection of games at present and XBL is still superior to PSN, doesn't matter if Live is having problems, PSN needs to sort out the in-game messaging, chat, etc, before it can rival XBL.

In the end PS3 will outsell 360 but the gap will have decreased and MS will have made more of a name for themselves in the console market, all in all competition is great for us gamers, let the fanboys worry about who's better.