Hybrid-Gameinformer Review

In the crowded shooter market, a new series has a lot of competition. Being low on the totem pole, a new game not only needs to be competent, it also needs a unique hook to pull players away from their favorite shooters. On the surface it seems Hybrid does just that by using jetpacks alongside a highly strategized cover system, but the lack of freeform flying limits the experience. The formula is still fun, but Hybrid’s novelty wears off quickly.

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Redgehammer2195d ago

I have to disagree completely. I am finding Hybrid to be extremely fun, innovative, and tactical. However, the magazine that always cries innovation please, gives it the lowest score, I have seen, out all the big sites I have read. . I say download the trial, and decide for yourself.

palaeomerus2195d ago

GameInformer: Gamestop ain't selling this game so screw this game. Gametsop can't even buy this game used. This game is therefore not real. And if you really want it then why not drop by and buy an MS points card at your friendly local neighborhood Gamestop store? Power to the people! And wacky Cartoon bunny!