Sound Shapes | Review - Awesome/10

AWESOME/10's Steven Hansen embarks on a tiny musical adventure, moving his body in rhythm and bobbing his head all along the way.

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doogiebear2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Honest Question: Is it REALLY THAT good? I wanna know b4 I buy it. Like: Journey was good, but I spent $15 for that game and beat it in 4 hours. I was kinda not in a good position to be spending that much on a game that quits on me that early (I dont care if it's artsy--if I wanted art, I'll look some art up on google images). I want a game with replay value. So, is there good replay value in Sound Shapes?

saoco2167d ago

well donbear, i can tell you that this game is a steal its a great game from "queasy" it costs around $11.50 for ps+. the game also has a level editor and like LBP you can play others creations.

doogiebear2167d ago

level editor?! @[email protected] now THAT's what I call replay value. You sold me this game, good sir!

doogiebear2162d ago

Thank u for telling me about this game! Its my favorite platformer of all time. I never liked platformer games much (not even LBP series or 2d marios and sonics), BUT THIS GAME changed my mind.

This game should be psn GOTY (or at least tied with Walking Dead and Rainbow Moon)

PersonaCat2167d ago

Definitely worth it Donbear. The soundtrack is freaking amazing, and like saoco said, the level editor has already thrown out some pretty amazing levels (ex: Kingdom hearts intro). So yes, buy this game and support these devs!

Also, don't know if you have a vita, but if you buy the game for PS3 or vita, you get the other for free. Definitely recommend playing it on vita.

awesomeoutof2166d ago

Plus, automatic double trophies. :o

Daver2167d ago

You wont regret it and like saoco said theres a level editor so theres a lot of replay value. Very fun game.