Could The Last of Us Multiplayer Be Revealed at Gamescom?

DualShock Nexus:
At E3 2012 Naughty Dog wasn't quite ready to share details on The Last of Us' multiplayer. Over two months have passed and Sony's press conference at Gamescom 2012 is tomorrow! There are so many possibilities as to what Naughty Dog could show us but are they ready to talk about the mode everyone's been wondering about?

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Ares84HU2198d ago

Why does that game need multiplayer??? Seriously. Why do developers have to force MP on every single game? I just don't get it.

ExPresident2198d ago

Under the idea that they will sell more, when in fact, they end up sucking because they split their workload under the same time constraints and got a crap product. Obviously a few games don't suffer from this but many do.

The Last of Us should be the most epic SINGLE PLAYER ever. Thats it.

Battlefield should be the most epic MULTIPLAYER EVER. Thats it.

Stick to what your good at. Again, some don't suffer from that but most do imo.

Ares84HU2198d ago

I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough. I know that they want more sales and think that MP will get exactly that but the truth is that a truly amazing SP will get that. Uncharted sold not because of it's mp but because of it's sp. There are games where mp just isn't suited and there are games that are made for mp. FPS games are a great example of mp games. I think third person games are a bad fit. I couldn't find anything fun in a single 3rd person game that had mp in it. I mean, in it's mp mode that is.

The Last of Us should be sp only.

jimbobwahey2198d ago

I bought Uncharted 3 solely for the multiplayer because I enjoyed it so much in Uncharted 2. It offers something genuinely unique and innovative that no other multiplayer games do, and it seems that a lot of other people like it too given how ridiculously popular it is to play online.

If Uncharted 3 didn't have the multiplayer and online co-op modes, I would have just ended up purchasing a cheap used copy a few months after launch instead.

If Last of Us has a great online co-op or competitive game mode, I'll be much more tempted to buy it. Personally I think some kind of survival/horde mode would suit the game well given the monsters, so hopefully they include one.

jukins2198d ago

i dont know about you but for me to buy a $60 game near launch it needs to have both, at minimum, above average single player and/or multiplayer. And im also sure many people bought uncharted 2 and 3 primarily for multiplayer hence the increased sales for each iteration following the single player only uncharted 1.

i dont think as many devs are forcing mp as internet gamers make it out to be. besides if anyone could do both mp and sp justice, naughty dog can.

WeskerChildReborned2198d ago

MP is just a fun feature, why does everyone think that if MP is in a game, that it automatically makes it a bad thing?

Ares84HU2198d ago

Takes time and resources away from the sp mode.

user54670072197d ago



Dead Space 2 and Bioshock 2 are great examples of wasted resources that could of been spent on the single player.

Hell even games like ME3 and Assassins Creed could of done without the online.

zeddy2197d ago

i dislike mp in these sort of games too but i think they want people to keep playing after they've completed single player. it also might be for people who are going to rent and make them go that extra mile and actually buy the damn thing!

mafiahajeri2197d ago

You kidding? What about gears of war? Uncharted 2and 3? Ghost recon? I can go on and on. I'm sure it'll be great! Mp is where the replay value is for me so win win for me!

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telekineticmantis2198d ago

it may be. If it is I'll give it a shot.

prototypeknuckles2198d ago

Last of us doesnt need multiplayer.

-Alpha2197d ago

Give it a chance. I'd love a no health-regen tactical multiplayer experience where you can pick up and make weapons. Could be very different from the rest, like how Uncharted 2 was.

supraking9512198d ago

watch it just be co-op style mp which will be perfect. geez calm down everyone and wait.

flavorbabies2198d ago

Exactly. All ND said that it would be some sort of multiplayer and people are already freaking out before they even know what it is.

Bathyj2198d ago

I really, really, hope not.

In case anyone hasnt noticed, while it has guns, Last of Us is not a shooter. MP would be tacked on, out of place and divirt resources.

I really hope it doesnt happen.

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