Crysis - Patch 1.2 Details

Crysis v1.2 Patch Details :

Fixed potential server exploit that could cause servers to crash.
Added mouse wheel scrolling support for server browser.
Fixed an issue where in unarmed mode, the character's arms will suddenly reappear and disappear when picking up and dropping an object.
Added new effects for vehicle shattering after being frozen.
C4 will now stick to doors correctly.
Added new grenade indicator icon.
Adjusted explosion radius of grenade launcher to be more efficient vs. players.
Added check for players riding on vehicles while not seated to prevent them being killed.
Tweaked damage for players hit by vehicles at lower speeds.
Adjusted wall collision damage for civilian car.
Improved AI machinegun handling (both stationary and mounted machineguns on vehicles).
Fixed an issue with "Escort Prophet out of sphere" objective failure causing reloading issues.
Added team colors to kill/death messages (explained in detail further above).
Fixed some game states not properly resetting after game restart.
Fixed issue where VOIP doesn't work properly on non-dedicated servers.
Added auto team balance. Players will now be moved from full teams to the opposing side when dead if the numbers are unbalanced.

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Charlie26883821d ago

Hopefully it will fix all the mess it did with Patch v1.1

cuz as reported in multiple forums some peoples games (like mine) have become unplayable thanks to Patch v1.1 due to crashing when saving or reaching a checkpoint making it IMPOSSIBLE to advance

and no uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't seem to be helping and some people at the EA forums have commented that to fix it a new patch could be needed

Gondee3821d ago

i have patch 1.1 installed, i havnt had any crashes. Go to if you want to hear what real crysis players have to say about it.

Charlie26883821d ago

went to Crysis-Online they have been having the same problems and they actually say the exact same thing as EA about reinstalling and if doesnt help waiting for patch 1.2 >.>

Scrooge3820d ago

Crysis played so smoothly for me after patch 1.1. I guess the unlucky ones have a louder voice on the internet.

Winter47th3821d ago

I never understood it with Grenade Indicator Icons, it's the lamest addition to videogaming ever, COD, Uncharted and now Crysis..