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In this value bin review, Nick Sheperd of GoozerNation writes, "As the first racing game that I've really invested a decent amount of time into, I neither knew what to expect or had anything to compare it too. I found myself pleasantly surprised, and slightly addicted. The story is plain enough, outrun the mob while racing across the country to win a prize of 25 million. The races are broken up by on foot QTE's every once in a while to give it a change of pace. These look cool but I'd also like to have seen some backstory or plot developments here and there."

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JimmyJames702134d ago

I gotta play this one. Never did get it back in the day.

LackTrue4K2134d ago

what???? this game is out already??? didnt know,

iamgoatman2134d ago

Just to clarify, this is a review of NFS: The Run and not the yet to be released NFS: Most Wanted.

But then again with so many NFS being released over the years it's only understandable people would get confused.

LackTrue4K2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

lol.....i did get them mixed up!!! and i didnt get The Run, didnt think fresh unlike Hot Pursuit (even thou it was a remake)