Video Game Chronology | Batman's History Through Video Games (A List)

With the latest Batman movie out we thought it prudent to review some of the other well known past performances of the Dark Knight. He has for years appeared on multiple console and game systems. While some titles were less than good some were downright bad and others were awesome.

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Orangeandwhite2195d ago

Batman has done nothing but improve over time. From films to current games it has done nothing but get better which is great.

Bagogames2195d ago

But don't you agree that the Batman game's didn't really improve until Rocksteady took the healm with Asylum and City?

liberator232195d ago

Yes, I never really played any of the earlier Batman games but I own both Arkham games and love them dearly.

Orangeandwhite2195d ago

Hopefully the success of the batman series will pave the way for more succesfull superhero games such as spider man or thor or other games like that because the movies are really good but usually their game adaptations are below par.

liberator232195d ago

I agree wholeheartedly! Both Arkham Asylum games were just wonderful and such a joy to play! I usually don't bother with movie adaptation games, one game that I remember was The Amazing Spiderman on the original Xbox. It was very good and I have some great childhood memories playing it. Other than that I can't really think of a good game adaptation from a movie.

pumpkinlord452195d ago

I rather not have more superhero games. We have enough superhero movies. We don't need the video game market flooding with them.

manlypile2195d ago

You should all search the internet for a copy of Batman: Dark Tomorrow. It really is a special kind of terrible