In The Near Future Movie Stars May Be Your Video Game

While we wait for the next generation of consoles to come out, a slowly dying industry makes a bold new move. And what it could bring us is beyond what we could ever have imagined.

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Sephris2107d ago

I would have put a relation to it, but there isn't a box for "other" when I tried to create one. If there is some way around this, please let me know.

ImpliedDeception2107d ago

This reads like a press release for a company called timeplay entertainment, who apparently plan to do something like buzztime trivia in theaters...

...which is not at all what the headline suggested. :\

kevnb2107d ago

and movie stars arent even what make good movies, its the writing, direction and effects. Good actors are a dime a dozen.

MidnytRain2107d ago

True, but come on, bro. You can't just cast anyone.

Sephris2107d ago

What do you mean movie starts aren't what make movies look good?!?! Just look at Advent Children! The guy who played Cloud was a great example of w...
Wait..yeah, you're right.

Sephris2107d ago

First off...Kevnb: you have hit the awesome list with Jello Biafra.

Implied, please read the entire story. To get to what the future of something will be, you have to start off talking about where it is now. Then you can move on to where they plan to go with it. Which is why it has "the near future" in the title. Just as the headline suggested. If my researching and getting the whole story isn't your cup of tea, my apologies. There are plenty of Ouya story clones that might make a better read for you. :)

kevnb2106d ago

Bubbles for knowing who he is.