Analysts lay out '08 expectations

Colin Sebastian banks on consoles for the first half, PCs for back end of the year, while DFC Intelligence projects hardcore fare to define the market.

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Federal-Actors-Guild3699d ago

The 360 and the wii have the advantage over the ps3 with its total sales, smart move from microsoft sending the 360 a year earlier, but from the with the ps3 increasing in sales, this next gen era looks brite for all consoles... Just cant wait till Resistance comes out.

PSWe603699d ago

The PS3 will close the gap between itself and it's competitors.
X-Box 360 sales will continue to slow down, Wii will probably have it last successful year in 08 because it's lack of "must have games"

Rice3699d ago

True, i think FinalFantasy 13 is gonna be a huge boost for Ps3 sales and since the success of Blu-ray, the ps3 might even hit past 20 million this year.

Eretik3699d ago

No games now, only few games tomorrow.
Sony choose bad strategy.

mikeslemonade3699d ago

The PC market will stay the same. Another expansion like the previous one isn't going to revive the PC market. And starcraft2 is pure nostalgia. For the people who never played starcraft1 those people will not be interested because it was meh...

PS3 will close the gap and Wii will be successful through 2008 because they won't meet demand until summer 08 at the earliest.

KILLERAPP3699d ago

Well this year the PS3 has great titles and from the 360 I have not seen nothing coming out of MS so we have to wait to see what they got but in my mind no matter if it is gears of war 2 it will not beat out Sony line up is just to good to beat this year and next.

wiizy3699d ago

its easy...08 the year the wii ends all hopes of fanboys talking comeback..