Free Unlock Rusanov's Axe for Darksiders II

To celebrate the release of Darksiders II THQ and Vigil are giving away free unlock codes for Rusanov’s Axe. The axe has what seems to be a screaming demon head for a blade and looks to kick all sorts of…

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TheSuperior 2233d ago

This looks like a weapon I would love to have lol

Magic_Spatula2233d ago

Anyone else having trouble redeeming the code for the Steam/PC version? (as in the code not showing up)

KingDustero2233d ago

None of them will be active until the game comes out at midnight.

DragonKnight2232d ago

Not true. I just redeemed my code on PSN with no problems. Downloaded and installed.

VanguardOfCalamity2233d ago

all I got was

Your Rusanov's Axe code is:


Decaf_PIxel_Kat2233d ago

I am always down for a screaming demon head axe! Pretty badass!

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