The Console Generation Game

Nintendo’s Wii U is now firmly on the horizon. Details of the games that might be available at launch are beginning to find their way on to the interwebs, which means that the “next generation” is very nearly here. There isn’t more than a week that goes by without some “leak from Microsoft” regarding their next offering, and the general consensus is that full details will be announced officially sooner rather than later. Sony, never wanting to be left behind, also look to be almost ready to announce details of a Playstation 4.

So with all that in mind, Lets take a look back and see just how far this generation has brought for gamers.

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darthv722168d ago

this retrospective look back is not so different than previous console generations.

Just pick any console from the last 20 years and do a comparison of the launch games to the games at or near its end and you will be amazed at the difference. Same hardware from beginning to end.