Black Ops 2: Dedicated Servers for Console are Unlikely

GR - "Prior to the release of Modern Warfare 3, most, if not every Call of Duty title supported “listen servers”, a technology which allowed players from diverse locations to connect to a central server hosted by a server hosting company or by servers owned or leased by Activision itself. "

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NastyLeftHook02112d ago

were you really expecting dedicated servers in the first place?

skyrim2112d ago

No but one could hope lol.

Philoctetes2112d ago

It blows my mind that major franchises can get away with this sort of thing.

NastyLeftHook02112d ago

It blows my mind a major franchise can keep the same engine for years and not upgrade it.

AzaziL2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

It blows my mind that said major franchise somehow breaks it's own sales record every year.

Ben_Grimm2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

60 frames per second for consoles. There's not much more they can do with compromising the speed for consoles.

Not to mention they add modes and tweak gameplay all the time.

But I do think its time for them to give CoD a rest. At least until the new consoles hit the shelves.

LackTrue4K2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

so much blowing from Call of Duty, that my eyes started to roll back into my head!!!

HammadTheBeast2112d ago

It's not the only thing they get away with...

ninjagoat2112d ago

Dedis where never in the console version of COD in the first place :) always has been peer to peer. PC lost dedis with MW2 then MW3 brought them back but they where unranked so basically no use and no mod support either so bugger to that.

Treyarch has been a bit better with pc waw and black ops had ranked dedis and i expect this to have it aswell both games also supported mods.

Just they never took off like COD4 in ESL and Clanbase. (Thats where i play my leaugue play theres many more places to pay this is just an example).

I havn't really played a Cod game any amount of time seen COD4 i still play that now in a clan. But its only because off Promod.

With every new COD comes more issues with balance no change for proper competive play and basically anyone that wants to put time in and play the game poper needs to go look elsewhere to find a proper game.

Hense my number one shooter atm is BF3.

0pie2112d ago

anyway... Real gamers play on pc with Dedicated servers. There is not really a lot of game who use dedicated server ons console. Most of the are p2p which give an advantage to the host and thats why most shooters on console are unplayable for those who can see that.

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The story is too old to be commented.