Risen 2: Dark Waters (Xbox 360) Review By Canadian Online Gamers

Canadian Online Gamers - "Risen 2: Dark Waters strives to deliver something we really haven’t seen before, an open-world pirate RPG that tempts players with the allure of a fully realized swashbuckling fantasy. Given that the developers of Risen 2 have chosen a pirate theme, it has a unique advantage over other open-world RPG juggernauts like Skyrim, as very few games have dropped anchor on the swashbuckling side of the fantasy world. Unfortunately, pirate games don’t have a great reputation, despite their great potential, and sadly Risen 2 does very little to repair that standing."

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phantomexe2198d ago

is this game really that bad? i wanted to get it off psn being it's an rpg just for something new to play. Is there nothing good about the game. I herad two worlds 2 sucked but that turned out to be really good.