Complex review: Sound Shapes gives us hope for the future

Complex: "With the advent of DLC, DRM and all other manner of so-called advancements in gaming, many have lost hope that our future will be mired in creative stagnancy and money-grubbing. But they're wrong—and Sound Shapes is all the proof anyone should need."

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Xperia_ion2045d ago

Wow!!! Indie game devs for the win.

CloudyAero2045d ago

Is this game really worth it?
I need a game to make me play my PS Vita.

TheLastGuardian2045d ago

Absolutely, Sound Shapes is brilliant. Critics and gamers alike are raving about this game. It's a must buy if you have a PS Vita, PS3 or especially both.

CloudyAero2045d ago

I will definitely have to check it out then.

Giru0172045d ago

No, the game was co-developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio(SCE as in SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT) and published BY Sony Computer Entertainment.

Queasy Games made one hell of a great game, if you have a PS3 or VITA it's a must buy. Note that if you buy the VITA version, you get the PS3 one along with it. Enjoy!

fermcr2045d ago

No PSP release!!! Unbelievable, Sony abandoned the PSP.