Resident Evil 6 'No Hope Left' Edition coming to U.K.

GameStop is offering U.K. gamers an exclusive Resident Evil 6 ‘No Hope Left’ Edition of the Capcom horror sequel.

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tdogg060519912231d ago

Resident Evil 6 "Irony" edition

MrMister2230d ago

There's "No Hope Left" for this franchise (the way Capcom stubbornly keeps ignoring real fans)

crxss2229d ago

this version is pathetic. so far the Premium Japanese one and the collector's are the best... all while the US gets no love (with the worst box art of them all)

andrewsqual2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Are you kidding? The "Underwater mine" on the box is the best version, cop yourself on. Because when you think of Resident Evil, you think of underwater mines. A grey crappy hoodie that doesn't resemble anything Resident Evil whatsoever? 4 emblems that AREN'T the Raccoon City Police Dept, Umbrella, STARS logos. At least the hoodie comes in Large or XL sizes. The Tekken 6 hoodie was Medium and that CE still cost €100.
You must really suck GAME'S dick if you have convinced yourself that CE is worthy of €130. I wouldn't buy it for €70

user54670072231d ago

Who would buy this for that don't even get that much good stuff in it. I'm a sucker for CE but this ridiculous. A crappy hoodi you wouldn't dare wear in public, a USB bullet pendrive which probably has crap memory on it and a number plate made out of a crap material.

You can't beat how silly Capcom is though with CE then the GAME exclusive evil 6

I mean have you seen the price...not to mention the packaging is just cardboard when the picture of it (in product details) makes it look like glass or metal.

Cpt Jack House2231d ago

No very interested in this, but I'm curious, when will we see a collectors that will hit the US?

TheMasterShake2231d ago

RE6 Anthology & Archives "ARE" the Collector's Edition for the US. we don't get something special we get 5 other old games with RE6, which more than likely you probably already have just like any other RE fan

Cpt Jack House2230d ago

I've been really hoping that isn't the case, I have everything those collections have to offer, and most that they don't.

Rampaged Death2231d ago

Very tempting. That hoodie is rather cool.

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