4 Straw Hats Confirmed in One Piece: Romance Dawn

Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji are confirmed.

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tayz2169d ago

the game looks like its 3 players! can psp do that!?!

WildArmed2169d ago

Kinda confused, is this an Action RPG or more of a traditional RPG?

EIther way, I hope we get it in English too.

tayz2169d ago

i think its like pokemon but w/ OP characters and no catching things lol.

but ya me too! at least come to europe so i can import it.

WildArmed2169d ago

oo Awesome!
I'd love a more traditional JRPG w/ OP characters!

And likewise, be is US or EU, I just want them to do an english version so I can import it.

Moncole2168d ago

Ussops power will be he can use his noes as a sword.