Fewer players finished Mass Effect 3 than completed Mass Effect 2

Eurogamer- More than five months after Mass Effect 3 was released, only 42 per cent of players have completed the game. That's less than Mass Effect 2, where 56 per cent of players finished the final mission.

BioWare online development director Fernando Melo revealed the player data during a talk at GDC Europe today. Mass Effect 2's completion rate even got a boost this year, he added, as players readied save files to import into Mass Effect 3.

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zeal0us2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

ME beat over 12 times. 9 with a male character 3 with a female character

ME2 beat 5times. DLC was the only reason I kept going back to it.

ME3 beat 1 time after I saw that ending I felt lost. I will replay ME3 once some more Single Player DLC comes out.

ME1 felt a like RPG with shooter elements.

ME2 felt like they gave part of the project to Epic. So much ducking and covering plus old ammo&armor system was killed and the amount of guns dwindle compared to one.

ME3 brought back some of the features that was present in ME1 but the ending made me feel like all my hard work across this trilogy was kind of pointless.

Robochobo2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I think the difference between ME and ME2 to ME3 was the the ability to actually have 3-5 options in a conversation. ME3's options just let players choose one or two options most of the time, that would be the ending decision in that entire scene of dialogue. Another downside could be the fact that instead of when you found an anomaly on a planet and landing on the surface to explore, you instead just scanned it and automatically retrieved it. It took away the fact that in ME and ME2 the galaxy is huge and there were multiple planets to explore. Instead they decided to limit the amount of planets you could visit to hub worlds and missions.

ziggurcat2162d ago

perhaps if more people *played* the game rather than complain about it...


we did play it... thats why we complained about it...and didn't bother finishing it.

NeoTribe2162d ago

Like dark said... played me2 almost to the end and got so damn bored of it I traded it back to gamestop for 20 bucks lol. Was garbage. That's commin from a huge scifi and rpg buff. Such a bland, mediocre, overhyped franchise.

pwneddemocrat2162d ago

I gotta say, i just had free time to start playing Mass Effect 3 and so far, the journey has been amazing.

Although the teammates feel rather dumber than previous games, I'm still enjoying this game a lot.

Dont know what the ending, but to cry over an ending and overlooking the fantastic journey and the amazing atmosphere that the games created seems childish to me.

Dont know what the fans want but they're ungrateful.

It's really annoying that they bash the ME series over a bad ending in the last game.

Enjoying the trip so far.

aliengmr2162d ago

You haven't even finished the game, but judge others who have. Seems kinda stupid to me.

Go finish the game, then comment.

pwneddemocrat2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Yea, because my judgement on the game depends on the ending... Not the game itself.

Sounds stupid to me to judge a game bad just because the writing team got a bad ending in a story.

Yea, just ignore all the effort in the gameplay, the mechanics, the environment, the sidequests, the RPG elements, and just say the game is bad because of its ending.

Now that's pretty stupid.

LeoDDestroyer2162d ago

Like you are now when me3 came out and I started hearing about disappointment with the game I dismissed as only haters bashing the game. Then couple days later I finish it and sat at the tv dumbfounded by what just occurred so yeah it easy to say that now but we'll see how you feel after finishing the game.

Robotronfiend2162d ago

I admit, I was a bit put off by the reviews. I never finished 1. I loved ME 2. I never played ME3. I'll play it eventually, but not any time soon with this fall/winter lineup looking so good.

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