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New Super Mario Bros. 2 marks the second Mario platforming on the Nintendo 3DS, with the sublime Super Mario 3D Land being the first. Being the direct sequel to the Nintendo DS’s best-selling and very fun New Super Mario Bros., I had high hopes coming in, especially with the game giving you an almost unlimited amount of coins to collect as you go through each world.

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Relientk772230d ago

The game looks like another fun Mario Bros game


TrendyGamers2230d ago

It is! I just wanted a little more originality.

BringingTheThunder2230d ago

sucks they didnt add a lot of new stuff

NastyLeftHook02230d ago

i would give it a 9 out of 10, these games rock, i love mario.

TrendyGamers2230d ago

You've beaten it already?

DarkBlood2230d ago

but its not offically out till this weekend for the whole world?

rolandfurious2229d ago

Hahaha, "never played it." Brilliant response, but I'm afraid you're going to lose some credibility with it.