Two New Sleeping Dogs Trailers Show The Two Faces of Hong Kong

Sleeping Dogs is going to hit the North American shelves tomorrow (while European gamers will have to wait for the 17th), and Square Enix released two new trailers of the game.

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WeskerChildReborned2163d ago

Cant wait to pick this up tomorrow.

HammadTheBeast2163d ago

This game kicks ass. I hope Activision gets a kick in the balls and it sells well.

vikingland12163d ago

I hope the control is as good as it can be.

Abriael2163d ago

The controls are awesome with a controller, and just a lil less intuitive with mouse/keyboard(but aiming is easier, as usual).

prototypeknuckles2163d ago

im going crazy, i swear that lady looks like faith from mirrors edge.

MastaPiff2163d ago

Hope this takes care of my open world fix... Saints Row 3 kinda let me down...