The Top 7... Most disturbing things about the Mushroom Kingdom

You know the Mushroom Kingdom, right? It's that happy, funny, colorful place where Mario and Luigi run around kicking in the soft heads of Goombas and collecting coins stored in floating blocks. But despite its appealing outward appearance, the Mushroom Kingdom is actually a fairly disgusting, disturbing place when it comes right down to it.

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CommonSense2229d ago

Everyone lives in fear of the boogie man in most of Western Civilization...which, btw, is pretty damn disturbing. If it's not the evil communists, it's the evil terrorists.

Never noticed that Mario 3 takes place on a stage. Not sure how i overlooked that one.

ChickeyCantor2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

You never noticed the curtain coming down ?

CommonSense2228d ago

i did notice the curtain...but that's not enough to make the full realization. i didn't notice that everything was like a set.

ChickeyCantor2228d ago

It's funny though how people bash SMB2 U.S.A for heaving a "it's a dream" ending. But no one was bothered by the "staged" SMB3 lol.

TheLyonKing2229d ago

It's not on there but there is a bowser jr and same with mario and luigi jr. But hang on there are only two females ( peach and daisy)....dirty women.

CommonSense2228d ago

there's nothing disturbing about slutty women! thank god for em

n4f2228d ago

there also that witch in yoshi island 2

SmashBrawler1012226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Kamek? He's a dude.

EDIT: I meant to reply to n4f.