Independent Video Gaming Rise

Blank Your Game writes: I had wrote this a while back about last year and I put it on a other site. Now that site is gone. So I felt like putting it back up again on my Site. This was my final essay for my English class so have a look and tell me what you think. Some of you might of read this before.

Independent Video Gaming Rise

Video games started by two guys wanting to play a game on a computer. Later on, after putting it into a bar, they learned that they can make money off of the game. As the years went by, there were major companies making games. The video games that really innovated the gaming industry were the independent games. During the early 1990’s there were not really any independent video games being made. Many people will say that in 1997, with the game Half-Life for the computer, allowed people to make their own game. Since then, independent games are not only made in the PC market, but they are now being made in the console as well.


I put up the final draft of the story. I originality put up a draft version.

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