Coco controller brings traditional video game controls to the iPhone

As big as gaming has become on smartphones, the lack of buttons or analog sticks can make more traditional experiences difficult and clunky. A new device, coco, is aiming to fix that problem.

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JeffGrubb2162d ago

I'm coocoo for Coco controller.

JeffGrubb2162d ago


live2play2162d ago

hah xD cocoa puffs pun
idk why you got a disagree
must be a cocoa pebbles fanboy... xD

Sadie21002162d ago

Oh my god, that thing is hideous. It looks like a little baby's toy.

taquito2162d ago

i know its so gross, looks like a 360 controller, or a ps3 dualshock


real controllers look like this;

victoryscreeeeeech2162d ago

Weird ur controller appears to cost more than a Xbox controller an dualshock and a ps3 combined

NeoTribe2162d ago

Did u really just show a picture of a neon CORDED mouse... its almost 2013 and ur braggin about a corded mouse. Also the gimmicky neon lights didn't make ur comment look any cooler either.

hellvaguy2162d ago

Doesn't have dual analog sticks?

No ty, pass.

Yodagamer2162d ago

I could handle one control stick, but it is located in a way bad place.

billygreen232158d ago

This looks awesome! Hopefully people will back it so it can reach the funding goal.