How Medal of Honor Warfighter Strives to Be Different

IGN- What is the point of Medal of Honor Warfighter? Why does it exist?

A cynic might suggest that the game’s main function is to fill the gap between Electronic Arts’ two-yearly Battlefield releases, to both replicate Activision’s Call of Duty model of annual launches and to keep the pressure on first-person shooting’s runaway market-leader.

Perhaps the Medal of Honor of 2012 is merely a historical relic of the glories of 1999, when Steven Spielberg’s original wowed PlayStation owners and brought blistering World War II cinematic action to gaming. That original shooter was an explosive moment, but after endless spin-offs and sequels, the Medal of Honor battleship began to feel less like a roaring USS Arkansas and more like a lifeboat, half-empty, drifting in the gray waters of the mid-2000s.

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