Video Games' Greatest Rivalries

GameInformer- Sometimes video game franchises are kind of similar. It can’t be avoided. Sometimes, those games inspire conflict and people take sides. Sometimes, a feature is written that arbitrarily decides a winner. It could be a matter of sales, a clear case of objective quality, or my own personable preference.

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Godmars2902111d ago

Reaching article is reaching. At least as far as Too Human and Mass Effect are concerned.

guitarded772111d ago

Yeah, I thought that was a stretch too.

zeal0us2111d ago

Studio that make Infamous got brought by Sony
Studio that make Prototype got shut down.

After Sonic Adventures 2, Sega went downhill up until Colors, Generation and Sonic 4. Mario on the other hand been great since it came out.

prototypeknuckles2111d ago

infamous vs prototype/ alex mercer is cool but infamous all day.
MUAvsJLH/ not even a challenge MUA obviously.
Mario vs Sonic/ although sonic had some crap games starting at 06, i still like him more especially after plying colors and generations.

Cueil2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

nothing peeved me off then some f'tard telling me his opinion is fact... it's multiplied by 1000 when it's a professional site.