Medal of Honor: Warfighter “Fire Team” Gameplay Trailer Drops Tomorrow

MP1ST: Tomorrow, Medal of Honor fans will be treated to a brand new gameplay trailer showing off the Fire Team mechanics of Warfighter, according to developers Danger Close.

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BelieveinGhosts2231d ago

it might look awesome but will it play okay on the PS3 i.e. input lag and voice chat issues.

I wouldnt have my hopes too high, afterall it seems that EA are using this just to advertise BF4 beta

jdktech20102231d ago

It's a good question....I've got both consoles and I would love to get away from paying for xbox live but Halo and the fact a lot of shooters just aren't given the same treatment on both consoles keep me coming back to xbox live.

50 bucks won't kill me so it's not a big deal but it is amazing how nearly every top FPS is a bit gimped on PS3 by developer, controller (personal opinion) or business deal (COD)

BelieveinGhosts2231d ago

yes its annoying which is why i no longer believe the PS3 is more powerful than the xbox 360. If anything, Halo 4 looks like it could be the best looking Console game ever.

i will have to pick up the Xbox 360 Halo bundle just to make sure it plays great too.

I have to ask, is xbox live better than PSN?

I have PS plus and i think it is decent

dazzrazz2231d ago

You might wanna start buying xbl subscription on amazon, never paid more than $42

jdktech20102231d ago

I usually get it for 40...50 was just a random number I thought up in my head....

You can get them pretty cheap

jdktech20102231d ago

Good, my interest in this game is waning but with PS All stars being delayed, there's a chance to get this one still if the multiplayer looks interesting

Parasyte2231d ago

Awesome! I have a feeling this game will surprise a lot of people.