The Evolution Of Fighting Games

Fighting games (not to be confused with Beat-Em-Ups) are a genre of fighting games that have been around since the early days of computers and arcade machines. The difference between a Fighting Game and a Beat-Em-Up is that fighting games are usually one on one games similar to that of a boxing match, where as beat-em-ups are more akin to a scrolling landscape with numerous foes attacking you one after another.

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SavageKuma2163d ago

Very nice article especially since I am an eighties baby and the first fighting game that I played was actually in the movie Blood Sport when they was on that TKD arcade machine with only four joysticks lol. I remember playing the first street fighter on my uncles computer when I was a kid. Made me question how he got it on there but I just had fun playing with red hair ryu.

NastyLeftHook02163d ago

ahh, how i remember the 80's, blood-sport was awesome.