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Morgan Park of ProvenGamer: Third-person cover shooters have seen few substantial revolutions since Gears of War defined the genre back in 2006. Developers sometimes choose to iterate on having a unique look, crazy weaponry, or a compelling story, but tend to fall back on that tried and true “shoot, move forward, take cover, shoot more”. Hybrid essentially flips this trend on its head—completely changing the way one goes about traversing the world. And while some of its depth feels tacked-on and unnecessary, its unique take on the cover-shooter is a breath of fresh air.

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AmigoSniped2228d ago

This may be the only game I don't get this Summer of Arcade! It just doesn't look that great.

Locksus2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I tried the trial version and tbh I thought it was pretty entertaining and fun. Definitely different from the other 3rd person shooters out there.

Give it a go if you're unsure.

Bantasaur2228d ago

Third person cover based shooter mixing it up? Sounds like a pleasant change