Activision co-founder: “Zynga-Like” games gives the casual market a bad name

It seems like everyone is against Zynga now, after EA recently sued them for copying their Sims IP. It’s a known fact that gamers hate Zynga the most compared to any other corporation out there, even EA. Now Activision’s co-founder David Crane has come out and said that Zynga gives the casual market a bad name.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2234d ago

N4G commenter: "Activision-like" games give the hardcore market a bad name.

ReDDeaDDan2234d ago

You're right, the best selling games of all time are terrible for the games market....*cough*

Baka-akaB2234d ago

well yeah kinda , if they arent deserving of being the best selling games

Trenta272234d ago

Says Activision, someone who whores the living crap out of their games, giving very little improvements over the previous games.

Croash2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I also hate the way Activision's games are being rehashed whenever possible, but this has nothing to do with David Crane.

He created Pitfall, co-founded Activision and left the company in 1986, partly because of "the way the newly appointed CEO of Activision, Bruce Davis, treated video games more like commodities rather than creative products", according to his Wikipedia page.

I've just read 10's of French comments on insulting Crane for saying this while being related to Activision. This is unbearable. He left the company 26 years ago. What the hell, people?

Treian2234d ago

right because rehash every year is better...LOL

TABSF2234d ago

Call of Dirty successfully rehashed to the masses 5 years running :)