Dead Island: Over 4 Million Copies Sold

IGN- During a session at GDC Europe, Guido Eickmeyer of Deep Silver revealed what he believed to be the secret to Dead Island’s success. It wasn’t the cinematic trailer, though that had an impact. It wasn’t the reviews (Dead Island does not have a stellar Metacritic rating). And it wasn’t the development budget, because Eickmeyer claimed they had nowhere close the amount of money for building and marketing the game that a bigger AAA game publisher would. Instead, he singled out one feature: co-op.

To date, 6500 years of Dead Island have been played cooperatively. This feature, combined with the setting, lots of squishy, shambling enemies and a RPG-like progression structure helped push the game to sell through more than 4 million copies.

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aviator1892234d ago

That's great news. Despite all the flaws, it was still a good and enjoyable shooter.

AntoineDcoolette2234d ago

Shooter? You mean first person adventure zombie RPG?

EVILDEAD3602234d ago

Clearly wasnt a shooter,,but as a fan of zombie movies etc..that game was amazing for what it pulled off.

I can't wait for the sequel..


matt19912234d ago

^^^ Still was a really FUN game.

spunnups2234d ago

is it anything like Fallout with Zombies?

Derekvinyard132234d ago

kinda but Not really. Dead island starts off really slow but when it starts up its reallllly hard to put down, the town was sooo fun.

Reverent2234d ago

My god, the town was scary. Like, I was legitimately terrified running around in there.

supraking9512234d ago

its just like Borderlands, great co-op fun with flaws. But it has huge potential in creating an epic sequel. Just look at Borderlands 2, they fixed and added things that lacked in the first Borderlands and now were getting a bigger and better game. Dead Island 2 (Riptide) will be no different in terms of improving from the first.

Puddlejumper752234d ago

I'd wait til both are actually out before proclaiming they are better than the first games.

MrMister2234d ago

You said: " Dead Island 2 (Riptide) will be no different in terms of improving from the first."

HOW do you know that? Especially when they saw it fit to release one of the buggiest (even if fun) games this generation.

Ben_Grimm2234d ago

That is good news, but for the sequel I highly suggest a more stable game. A better cast of characters, maybe even a custom character creation. More than 4 players online would be great and way better ending.

cleft52234d ago

So, over 4 million people regret buying this game. Very interesting. In all seriousness, I wanted to like this game but I choose Purna who is fucking useless. So I ended up hating the game. I hope the sequel has actual useful classes, classes that are useful from the beginning to the end of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.