FPS General's Top 5 First-Person Shooters You Haven't Played

The top 5 first-person shooters that you've never played. These games, hand picked by James, are first-person shooters that are a ton of fun to play but, for various reasons, seemed to go relatively unnoticed.

Do you agree with James? Which games would you have added to your list?

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SmallKiwi1387d ago

James makes me laugh, as always

ahamling271387d ago

Great video! I have only played the Lead & Gold one on PS3. They had a free beta and I thought it was fun.

nickoli0021387d ago

Good stuff, Mirror's Edge was great

kamakaz3md1387d ago

true gamers played condemned 1 and 2... i own 2, still gotta beat it, but as for a FPS... i still gotta try bulletstorm

SlapHappyJesus1387d ago

I've played the majority of these games . . .


Agreed. The Condemned series is fantastic. Started going through the games again last week, actually. Finished up the first game a few days ago. Going to be starting on the bat-shit sequel soon.

Nexgensensation1387d ago

i've almost felt free watching the gameplay and listening to the song