£40 Mario paints a gloomy picture for 3DS's digital dream

CVG - After years putting up with fiddly Friend Codes and a half hearted approach to online gaming, it's exciting that Nintendo is finally set to embrace the digital market this week with the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2 as both a day-one download and traditional boxed product.

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Xof2230d ago

I wouldn't say Nintendo is ready to embrace digital distribution. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that anyone who plans on buying a full-priced retail game digital through Nintendo is a fool.


Good--no, workable digital distribution is predicated upon an entirely different model than standard retail--supply and demand isn't really a "thing" when you're supply is infinite. This is why every (competent) digital distribution service has, and for very many years has had, a number of integral points that Nintendo seems to have mostly missed.

First and foremost, the customer needs to have a unified user account. If he or she purchases a game, he or she needs to be able to re-download that game multiple times, AND to different pieces of hardware. This can either be limited (PSN) or unlimited (Steam). Either way, it's important--it's vital--for the consumer to be able to replace digital content in case of accident, theft or replacement.

And, obviously, the whole process needs to be very easy, particularly with platforms like mobile phones and the PC where piracy is so prevalent.

Nintendo is so far behind the curve most people don't even bother to criticize them for it. The general mode of thought seems to be, "yeah, Nintendo is stuck in 1996, but that's okay, it's Nintendo!"

These are the same people that can't even set up a decent digital format.

And it's even worse when you realize that Nintendo is on its, what, third--fourth?--attempt at digital distribution now... and they don't seem to be getting any better.

Which is about as good a tagline for pretty much everything Nintendo has it's hand in--it's all just as good as it was 15 years ago... it's just not any -better-.

Blastoise2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Now Nintendo users can feel as ripped off as the rest of us lol. If I remember correctly Prototype 2 was £60 on the European Playstation store when it was released, other than steam (In some cases) digital gaming prices are pretty much BS. Especially considering you're purchasing a file and you're getting no box/case, manual, cartridge/disk ect

schrnkuk2230d ago

its also called a service instead of product
I hate the digital era

Perjoss2230d ago

Portable games are a bit of a ripoff I think. I don't mind dropping 40 notes day 1 on a high profile console game with good reviews but the pricing on Vita and 3DS games is a bit high.

I suppose if you use your handheld as your main gaming machine then £40 for a game isn't so bad as you will get full value from the games. But I'm sure many people who own a 3DS or Vita mostly use them when they don't have access to their Playstation, Xbox or PC, so paying high price for a game you might only play for an hour here and there is not so great.

beerkeg2230d ago

That's true in a way, but handheld games can be every bit as engrossing as console or pc games. You are right in that a lot of the time handheld gaming is probably being done when access to other gaming means are not available.

But those hours here or there mount up, and in the end you'll still get as much time played with many handheld games as you would with console or pc games.

And there are quite a few handheld games I've played that have kept me off my pc or consoles, where I've got into them so much.

But I rarely buy any games at full price, handheld or otherwise, I think they're all too pricey really. I tend to shop around and get a better deal, or wait until they drop in price. And I certainly won't be buying this digitally.

O_O2230d ago

Prices of digital games are a complete rip-off. Digital versions cost way more even though you aren't paying for the box, manual or shipping.

tehpees32230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

As I said in another article £40? NO CHANCE!

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